A second lovely life for the discarded

January 27, 2017

A second lovely life for the discarded

One old vintage tanned leather satchel (broken beyond repair) and a little ingenuity - this is a tale that is only part way through.

Vintage tanned tooled leather satchel

I try to salvage the broken. By the time I find these discarded resources, they have already lived mysterious full lives.  I try to continue the tale by using a little ingenuity to create something useful and beautiful.

Everything I make is made to enjoy a second long lovely life. The rest of the story is up to my customer.

Using reclaimed leather from a bag to craft unique leather hoop earrings

These earrings are my latest design and have been made out of a beautiful tooled leather satchel. I found this gem of a bag in an op-shop and it has accompanied me on countless adventures - until one day it meet with ill fate. Broken such that it could not be easily repaired, it was time to re-invent this bag.

Leather loop earrings made with reclaimed leather and sterling silver. Limited edition piece crafted in Queensland Australia.

What I love about leather jewellery is how it leaves my studio the same but over time develops a  patina unique to how the customer chooses to wear it. Their adventures become infused  in the grain, adopting character and creating a signature accessory. 

There is only 14 of these earrings in existence in the world and the story harboured within each pair is only just getting started.

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