Botanical Herb Garden

January 24, 2017

Botanical Herb Garden

Six months ago Sugarloaf Permaculture Farm built a botanical herb garden out the front of our Recycled Gallery. The idea was to create a herb garden out in the community to raise awareness of herbs and their medicinal, culinary and general beautiful nature. The herbs took off this month with the warmer weather and came to flower.

Botanical herb garden planted by Sugarloaf Permaculture Farm out the front of Bridget Bunchy Recycled Gallery in The Summit

It has been beautiful to watch these plants grow, wild and free with little to no intervention on my part. I particularly love the sprays of colour and absolutely gorgeous scents. It has been lovely to view these herbs in a different light to just a pure culinary plant.

Medicinal herb garden planted by Sugarloaf Permaculture Farm

For those curious as to what herb varieties have been planted head or to find out more about permacutlure - click here.

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