When match boxes were business cards

January 26, 2017

When match boxes were business cards

What an interesting snapshot of the 1960 - early 1990's, captured in the form of matchbox marketing. Of course most of these herald from a different era, when smoking was a social norm and butane lighters had not yet taken over the scene.

Vintage matchboxes in bright colours

I stumbled upon a bag full of match boxes at a flea market in Stanthorpe, Australia.  It was fascinating rummaging through the collection. It is amazing how many different types of businesses adopted this marketing strategy; restaurants, hotels, mechanics, dry cleaners, tailors, locksmiths, appliance stores, shoe stores, car dealers, construction companies and entertainment venues. Most of the match boxes are Australian but in the mix is some from USA, Kenya, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, to name but a few.

Vintage matchbox collection

I put the matchboxes out in our Recycled Gallery shop.  Almost every box sold so far has been to an international traveler visiting Australia. I asked my customers why they wanted one and interestingly it was always the same reply; a little gift to send home to family as a sort of travel souvenir.

Vintage matchboxes part of our 'Always Loved' old wares range. Queensland Australia

Vintage hotel match boxes from Australia 1960

Vintage match box Oasis Motel San Francisco

If match boxes are your 'thing' we still have a basket of them for sale out in the Recycled Gallery.

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