Practical Decorating Ideas From 1973

February 21, 2014 1 Comment

Lately I have starting buying old books at op-shops, particularly ones about design or cooking pre-1980's.  I have grand plans of chopping them up and turning the illustrated pages into lovely up-cycled creations. I take it home, place it on my bedside table and after a few days I sit and read it. Once I am captivated by the story telling, illustrations or historical nature of the content, I am hesitant to pull out the scissors. Annoyingly, it is precisely these qualities that I was looking for in a book, when I came up with the up-cycled project idea. It is a battle; chop up and create something new or leave it to die in it's original glory. We have a bookcase at our studio shop and a little magazine holder that is starting to fill up. Not everyone reads books anymore and even if they do, these sorts of books are read once. Up-cycled creations allow the old to be reborn, loved and appreciated in ways a closed book on a shelf can't achieve.  What are your thoughts? How is an old book best enjoyed - read or re-purposed?


These photos are from Practical Decorating Ideas published in 1973. With chapters on how to create handsome and livable rooms, along with ideas for wall embellishments and over sized floral printed ceilings - what is not to love? I had original designs to cut love heart shapes out of the pages and use this on shop packaging, but this book has been spared the scissors and has earned a place in the magazine rack for now.



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July 09, 2014

That red bed room is intense!

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