Escape to the Hills

June 11, 2012


Sweet sweet Bangalow. We visited, we set up at your markets, we browsed your shops, ate your local food and fell in love. 

We rushed here straight after the Kingcliff markets, just in time to browse for the last hour of the Sew and Tell Handmade & Hand-me-down Fair.

The next day we set up a stall at the monthly Bangalow Markets. These markets are huge. Aside from the ridiculously sloping stall site and short down pour, these markets were profitable, fun and busy. We learnt hard lessons about moving a stall set up in the rain and what not to do. 


 Monday morning we filled our bellies with locally made Power Porrij, drank sun dried coffee and explored the interesting town nooks.


Vintage sewing machine boxes at Heath's Old Wares in Bangalow. 

Last of the Autumn Colour. 

Dear Bangalow,  we will be back at the end of the month we love you so much.

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