Rain Rain Go Away

June 18, 2012


Recently one Sunday morning we found ourselves brewing a cup of coffee at the beach in Byron Bay at day break. There is something compelling and awe inspiring about a churning ocean against a back drop of dark stormy clouds. We had just registered for the Byron Bay markets and had to wait for a hour before finding out we were accepted. We were not worried at all because it was really bad weather so many of the permanent stall holders were staying home in bed. Within a few minutes of arriving to a near empty car park it seemed like half the town decided to pop down to the beach.

It was a dismal market. Really it was. It is times like this you have to look really hard to find the lessons that make the day worthwhile. We stand by the idea that often the value in an experience can only be seen when you look back. Not so much that everything happens for reason, but more that development comes in unexpected ways. Opportunity comes to those that step out to find it. We can't move forward by staying in bed, even though this particular day we really really wanted to. 



Lesson learnt this time: Gumboots trump "waterproofed" Uggs. 

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