Light up the night

July 05, 2012


To celebrate the winter solstice, Lismore in New South Wales, lights up every year with the Lantern Parade. It is much more than just a parade. The city centre pulsates with street markets, performances, alleyway music, food and so much more. Local businesses are encouraged to decorate shop fronts with lanterns, to the theme “enchanted.” A program called Greening The Heart sees little mini vegetable gardens pop up in urban settings.

Thanks to a late cancellation, we were lucky to secure a market stall this year. The Lantern Festival is just another reason to fall in love with Lismore. 


Cucina Necklace our newest product 

We debuted our gorgeous Cucina necklaces at the Lantern Parade. We make these using 1950's cooking recipes, hand carved mahogany and pure sterling silver. Each pendant is guaranteed sweet and unique.  We are now stocking a few Cucina's on our online shop. Wholesale enquiries are also welcome. 

These are our Peeki's - Designed to keep your pirates treasure and secrets close to your chest. We make these using recycled leather.

With plenty of time on the road to scour op-shops and second hand stores, our collection of old cooking utensils is growing. I love incorporating them as part of our stall. The masher is our business card holder and the grater is used to display a few Forest Floor earrings. 

We have been feeling the nip of winter lately and I am glad to have celebrated the winter solstice.  We are looking forward to the longer days. So bye for now, stay warm and dry and if you are feeling the winter blues, keep smiling as the longest night has already passed

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