Colours Of The Harbourside

July 25, 2012


I have always been a bit nuts about colour. Which is why it strikes me sometimes as surprising that Bridget Bunchy uses so many neutral fabrics. The way I see it, the natural plain colours of the raw linen and leather we use, serves a perfect backdrop to accentuate bold colour combinations.




Some days I am overcome by the beauty that surrounds us in every day things. Down at the Harbourside Markets in Coffs Harbour, a few Sundays ago, colour inspiration was everywhere.

After a week of pretty shabby weather the Sunday market turned out to be a fine fine day. 

Even the camels came down to check out the action. 

Message from a stranger was popular as always. Although we might start to randomly filter the messages after a customer got a message scrawled by a kid that said "Hi You have diaree :)." The power of the pen is perhaps not yet realised by some children. 

Our silver measuring spoons gets lots of attention. We picked it up for a bargain 50 cents and gave it a good polish. It was made in England. I wonder what its story is? 

Our new business cards, printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable ink.

Our stall neighbours, Patrick and Maureen, are a fascinating couple. All of their products have wonderful stories and adventures. They are fossickers and use their findings to make a gorgeous assortment of jewellery and novelty items. You can buy a whole  Truck Full Of Gems for under $10. Bargain! They live in Woolgoolga but for the last 20 years have spent every winter (except this winter) fossicking in creek beds in western Queensland. 

I spent the day musing and obsessing over colour. I watched the night sky turn from the soft muted colours of day break into to a sparking sunny blue day. I watched customers um and er for ages picking out their favourite colour Georgie bags.

We packed up our stall, took in a few more sites of Coffs Harbour and bought supplies for dinner. As we drove around town we kept passing this  crazy coloured hippy bus. After about 4 random sightings we happened to pull up next to it at the bottle shop! It was a sign I'm sure. Peace, love and postcards??? Or somethings else.

So there you have it. Give your life a real injection of colour. Look for it, notice it and soak it up. Wear something bright and bold. Paint your nails. Draw a picture with 11 different crayon colours. Be a bit nutty. Add food colouring to your cornflakes. But whatever you do, do it with all your heart : ) Enjoy the rest of your week.

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