Over West

May 21, 2013

The Hay Plains 

We have been busy. Busy driving, busy making, busy designing and busy being inspired. Since Easter we have driven about 12,000 kilometres from our home in Stanthorpe to Albany in Western Australia and back again. What an awesome country we live in. The vast emptiness and constantly changing landscape and colour is simply incredible. What an adventure. The two of us and our little campervan called Sergio.

We stayed a night at an old railway yard in Morgan, South Australia and felt like we were on the set of a country western movie.

Morgan, South Australia

We chatted for hours about silly things and pulled over at the start of the treeless plain to enjoy nothing but desert and sky.

Eastern end of the treeless plain, Nullarbor 

We kept chatting and pulled over again at Bunda Cliffs to enjoy nothing but desert, sky and ocean.

Bunda Cliffs, Nullarbor Plain

We ran barefoot through the sand at Eucla and watched the sunset over the dunes. Then we paid $1 for a 5 minute shower and ate burgers at the roadhouse.

Old Telegraph station, Eucla

Esperance explodes with oceanic beauty. It was hot and sunny. We dipped our feet in the ocean and walked barefoot along the beach.  Isabella got a hair cut, we re-stocked our depleted incense collection and rummaged through a few op-shops. It was good to be back in Western Australia.

Esperance, Western Australia

Twilight Beach, Esperance, WA

We arrived in Albany and set up our studio work space. We filled orders, booked in markets and played with all the wonderful floral vintage fabrics we had acquired.

Bridget Bunchy studio in Albany, WA

Beautiful floral vintage fabrics 

When we weren't in the studio we headed out and about, smelling the salt in the air and taking long walks down by the foreshore. 

View to Albany, WA from Little Grove 

Isabella grew up in Albany. Memories of dune plants, peppermint groves, white capped windy harbour, the distant hum of the wharf at night and blustery weather came flooding back. It was all wonderfully nostalgic and cosy.  It rained almost every day and was a delicious thick cloudy grey. Not gloomy but dark, fresh and silvery.

Sandpatch, Albany, WA 

Middleton Beach, Albany, WA 

Albany Wharf, Western Australia 

We ate fish and chips by the water and met lots of lovely people. 

We took a trip to Denmark, Perth and Mandurah.

But our home is in the Granite Belt and eventually it was time for us to take our little van back across the Nullarbor Plain.

Mundrabrilla Roadhouse, WA

We rested a night at Streaky Bay. We thought a lot about sharks but still loved the place :)

Streaky Bay, South Australia 

We fell in love with the patchwork of colour in the Barossa Valley and stopped for a Mother's Day market in Angaston.

Overlooking Eden Valley, South Australia

Love heart cross stitch 

We had to swing by Adelaide to get Sergio serviced and then it was straight back on the road. We hopped out for a stretch in Hahndorf, in the Adelaide Hills and found a tea towel from the year we were both born in one of the op-shops.

Hahndorf, South Australia

Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills, SA

It was starting to cool down and we needed to get back home and into the studio. We did a few epic days of driving, listening to podcasts, stopping for quick cuppas or to secure a few more op-shop bargains. Up at sunrise, bed by sunset, it was routine, constant car motion and the lulling of bumps and corners as we took the inland highway home. 

Towns we had passed through in late March were now in full Autumn blaze. 

Coonabarabran, New South Wales 

The open road is a brilliant place for contemplation. Ideas can roll around in your head, jiggle and gel. Time away from your usual routine sets you free to create and allows you the luxury of a different perspective.

Sam & Bella

We are back home now. The last of the Autumn leaves will fall in the next few weeks and we have the fire on in the lounge room. A packed schedule of markets in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for the next few months and the launch of some brand new products for our online shop, means we are straight back into our studio. Isabella is still unpacking the fabrics we collected on this trip. Rich with stories and the whispers of history these textiles will be turned into loving creations for you to use and treasure. Don't hold us accountable if a bit of the bohemian free spirit rubs off. You too may find yourself driving off into the sunset with all the joy and optimism that comes with the start of any great adventure.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of our journey from east to west and back again. We loved bringing Bridget Bunchy to so many new places.

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