Time to get away

July 24, 2013


Sometimes you just need a break from the routine, to sit and appreciate nature and slow the pace down. Last Friday we headed out to Bald Rock National Park for a quiet night camping in the forest.

That morning we packed up our little campervan, filled the thermos with coffee and headed to Tenterfield. We popped in to a couple of op-shops and found the biggest bargain - 15 linen souvenir tea-towels. 


There is something curious and kitsch about tourist tea-towels. I love to think about who bought it originally, was it a memorable holiday, a cherished family event? Was the tea-towel ever used or did it sit in a large glass display cabinet with the good crockery in the living room? What I love most about souvenir tea-towels is the patterns and fabric. Most older tea-towels are made in Poland or Ireland from pure good quality linen. This particular stash includes linen made in  what was once known as Czechoslovakia. I am holding off using these marvelous cultural icons in my creations. It is a special collection and each tea-towel deserves to be re-born into something awesome. 


Bald Rock National Park is 25 kilometres from Tenterfield, along Mount Lindesay Road (heading back up towards Stanthorpe). 

Time away in the forest is good for the soul. We watched the birds and listened to their songs. 

Sam played the guitar for a bit.


We took silly selfies and sipped red wine. 

I felt inspired by the forest and decided to leather seal a batch of Forest Floor earrings, I had already cut out. Beautiful long leafy earrings made from recycled leather. To allow for constant wear, I apply a thin coat of leather sealer around the cut edge of each leather leaf. This stops the leather from becoming ratty with use. It is a rudimentary process and one that I prefer to do out in the sunshine. It was a lovely creative moment. 




We lit a fire, cooked burgers for tea then chatted about time as the fourth dimension, how when you say wood, leather, paper it sounds like a question and how much we love clearings in the forest and our camper van.


We shared an ethereal moment watching the crescent moon appear just after sunset, with the ghostly outline of the rest of the moon still faintly visible.

With a winter fog and chill setting in after dark, we retired for an early night. 

We woke to a chorus of birds and rays of sunlight piercing the forest canopy. After brewing a coffee, we drove back home and set about

business with renewed vigour. 

How blessed we are to live so close to the forest and be able to seize the moment and take it all in.

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