Not just any old rocking horse

September 03, 2013 3 Comments

True craftsmanship commands your attention. Talent, labour and love are so visually obvious that suddenly price is not so dictating. For me the whole level of appreciation changes when I am looking at something that is beautiful and well made.

At the Glengallan Homestead Spring Market last Sunday, I met Jim Marshall and his hand crafted rocking horses.  Jim has been making rocking horses for years. A rocking horse can take anywhere from 90 - 240 hours to complete.  For Jim it is a hobby and he makes & sells around 5 a year. His main customers interestingly enough are school teachers starting a family. The dappled grey horse is a best seller due to the resemblance of rocking horses you would find in  old illustrated story books.

Every part of the horse is hand crafted and is made with good quality recycled timber, real horse hair and beautifully hand made saddles and stirrups.  The attention to detail and perfection is evident. If I had a spare $1,800 this would be on my shopping list.

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Nicole Gillies
Nicole Gillies

May 25, 2014

Jim Marshall can be contacted on (07) 4632 8998 or mobile 0408 709 906.

Bridget Bunchy
Bridget Bunchy

February 26, 2014

Hi Louise, the only contact detail I have is a phone number that was displayed with his signs. Ph 07 4632 8998.

Louise Graves
Louise Graves

December 08, 2013

I would like to order one of these wonderful rocking horses for my grand daughter for Christmas 2014. I am wondering if you could please let me know a way to contact Jim?
With regards

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