The Wanderlust Tote

September 13, 2013

This morning we released our new Wanderlust Tote in our online shop - forged from recycled denim jeans.

The history of denim jeans is fascinating. Originally purpose built for workers & cowboys, denim jeans trajected to popularity in the 1950's. Jeans became a status symbol associated with the counter culture.The unique way indigo dye sets on the fabric, allows denim to age distinctively & reflect the lives of those that wear it. I love the idea of denim developing a patina that is personal to the owner. The fading, wearing and whisker patterns  are created by the indigo dye rubbing in a consistent manner. Leather also has these qualities - softening, molding and darkening over time. 

The idea behind the Wanderlust Tote is taking all the stories, history and adventures already imprinted in the denim and creating a product that can further mold to the owner.  With use, Wanderlust will reflect your unique adventures, gaining character with age.

Wanderlust is handcrafted by us in our studio. It is rugged and solid with all seams doubled stitched. We use a strong, lightly oiled vegetable tanned leather for our straps and recycled YKK zips for the internal pocket.

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