Our Story

Isabella Torrisi Cofounder Bridget Bunchy and creative director

The story thus far

Bridget Bunchy started in 2012, in a sweet little camper van, as we journeyed around Australia. With the arrival of twin girls in 2014, we out grew this adventure and the space. So we set up home and a recycled artisan shop in The Summit, a quaint rural village in Queensland. As well as our own designs we specialise in handmade contemporary eco designs from local makers, with a love for all things upcycled. These days our life flows around family time, creative endeavours and enjoying all that this beautiful pocket of the world has to inspire.

Australian design duo raising twin girls

Our designs are made by our own two hands, onsite in our textile studio. Using the rawness of wood, leather and dreamy textiles; we create products that each tell a very unique story.

In small batches, we diligently create durable pieces that can be worn obsessively. We make things you feel good about buying, items you want to pull out everyday.   We source and save reclaimed textiles that have crossed through decades and travelled the world. A beautiful fusion of styles and trends, re-imagined for the contemporary woman that lives outside of fashion cycles.

Where possible we opt for leather off-cuts, salvaged items, reclaimed local wood and natural fibers. We do our best to match our desire for minimal impact living with all our business practices.

Bridget Bunchy is for those that seek conversation pieces, desire colours that speak of you and patterns that evoke reckless daydreaming. We hope that our dedication to recycling materials and working with sustainable products, resonates with your lifestyle. Honest craftsmanship with something real – a connection to the past and a provenance that will make you smile.

For the curious, the name Bridget Bunchy is inspired by both Isabella's Oma and Mother, strong matriarchal figures that learnt to be resourceful out of necessity and taught Isabella to appreciate beautiful textiles, home grown food and things well made.

 Our Story from campervan to shop handmade love