Woodford necklace (macrame wood bead and vintage lace)

Bridget Bunchy

Wear a unique story with this limited edition necklace. 

A customer visited my shop the other day and handed me four large wooden beads, each with a burnt etched design of a daisy. The beads came from her 1970's macrame plant hanger that had long broken. She had lovingly saved the beads for many years and never found a use. So I was given the beads to re-imagine and use in one of my necklace designs.

This necklace features one of those beads and there are only four of these necklaces made. I have not altered the daisy bead and it is full of worn aged character.

A blend of retro and sweet hippie this unusual necklace colour combination is versatile and will surprise you with what outfits can match.



Pure wool felted beads, ceramic beads, reclaimed wooded beads and one gorgeous large macrame bead. Strung on reclaimed vintage lace.


Tie short or long to suit your outfit.  Adjustable hang length up to 50cm.

Care Instructions

Iron the lace on a low heat setting from time to time to keep the lace flat and fresh.

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