Sally Wattle Large Handcrafted Wooden Spoon

Bridget Bunchy | Designed by heart. Made by hand.

Classic extra large wooden spoon, handcrafted locally in the Granite Belt using reclaimed Sally Wattle (Black Wattle).

Inspired by early Italian jam makers in the Granite Belt, this is one big spoon with a beautifully sculpted scoop.

Each spoon is slightly different from the next. This little beauty is not mass produced but individually cut and traditionally crafted to last. Rock your kitchen with rustic quality, destined to be behind many a great meal.


Length: Approx 42cm
Width at widest point: 6cm
Thickness: 13 - 15mm

As these spoons are made using reclaimed timber the exact dimensions may vary slightly depending on the cut of wood. Each piece of wood has its own markings and unique character. No two spoons are the same. 

Kitchen Care
It is recommended before use that you wipe it thoroughly.
For lasting care wash with warm soapy water (do not leave submerged) and lightly oil occasionally with olive oil.


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